Performance-Based Assessment - Oregon Music Educators, 2014

Performance-Only Grading in Your Ensemble: Navigating Oregon's new education laws.

Download a .pdf of the Powerpoint presentation here.

House Bill 2220 changes several key parts of Oregon law that have far-reaching effects for arts educators. Namely, districts are now required to show the progress of each individual student every year and how that progress compares with the grade standard. 

In an ensemble setting this can be difficult because our traditional assessment model has been on the overall quality of the ensemble and not necessarily on the individual students. To be able to provide the information mandated, we have to find strategies that allow us to accurately assess an individual's progress. More importantly, we have to have a firm concept of our grade-level expectations and of both our district's and the state's standards and the intended scope and sequence of instruction for our discipline. 

House Bil 2220 Links:

Standards and Curricula  

Music Assessment Links:

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