The Mt. Hood Symphonic Band is an ensemble made up of the best wind and percussion students on campus. Anyone enrolled is welcome to audition and new students can join the ensemble at the beginning of each quarter.



Symphonic Band Listening Materials

MUP101/201: Symphonic Band

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12:00-12:50pm in AC 2102 - Credit Hours: 1

Student Learning Outcomes - At the conclusion of this course students will be able to:

  • Perform successfully in a group setting.
  • Listen and discern pitch differences between you, a standard, and others.
  • Perform with a rhythmically stable sense of time.
  • Demonstrate quality characteristic sound on your instrument.
  • Demonstrate a variety of articulations on your instrument.
  • Understand relationships between composers, eras, style methods.

Student expectations of the conductor:

  1. The conductor will respect the time and musicianship of the students.
  2. The conductor will provide a schedule for every rehearsal and adhere to it as closely as possible.
  3. The conductor will be prepared for every rehearsal. Each score should be studied to a level of making music in rehearsal, not simply eliminating errors.
  4. The conductor will choose repertoire with musical, educational, and entertainment value, and at an appropriate level of technical and musical demand.
  5. The conductor functions as the advocate of the composer. The conductor will hold the group to a standard expected by the composer’s needs.

Conductor expectations of the students:

  1. Students will check schedules well in advance of rehearsals.
  2. Students will explore the posted course content on the MHSB website
  3. Students will be technically prepared for each rehearsal.
  4. Students will be willing to engage in conversations about music and musicality.
  5. Students will begin to make decisions about their own musicality before coming to rehearsal.