Make sure Kelly has your lunch order and you have signed your contract. Checks will be available immediately upon receipt by the Performing Arts Office.

On Friday, the College theatre set-up will begin before 8:00am but there will not be much to do as we have a concert in there two nights before. The other venues will set up at 3:00pm. If you are working on Friday, be prompt. Your Site Manager will guide you through the process. Do not leave your Friday shift until Grant releases you. 

Please try to wear something RED while you are working. 

Be prompt on Saturday morning. If you are running late, call in. Your report time is listed on the staff spreadsheet. You should report to the main Music office.

Lunch will be delivered to you around the "Lunch Break" for your attached venue. If you are stationed at the office, your lunch will be there. We are not doing bottled water any more so be sure to bring your water bottles to fill up.

On Saturday, after your venue is finished for the day, you can begin tearing it down. Site managers will have more information about this. When you are done with your venue, go to the college theatre to either watch awards or help tearing that space down. When we are all done, we will meet for lots of pizza (on us) for dinner in vista. 



College Theatre groups warm up in 2102 and store their cases in 2101.

Studio Theatre groups warm up in AC2138 and store their cases in AC2104.

Visual Arts Theatre groups warm up in the Visual Arts Gallery area.


Site Manager:

Your primary job is to make sure the groups stay on time. You will also be in charge of making sure your room is set up correctly on Friday and taken down on Saturday. You are responsible for checking your warm-up and case storage rooms.

Remind the director before they begin that they have 20 minutes to perform. This will be followed by a short clinic. After they are finished, they should immediately return to their case storage room to collect their cases. 

As soon as the directors arrive, they will receive a set-up diagram. Ask your Ensemble Guide for these as they become available.

When the ensemble is ready to perform, make the following announcement:

“Welcome the Bob Loblaw Law Blog High School Orchestral All Stars from Timbuktu, Mali; Bob Loblaw, Director. Today, they will be performing thisthat, and the other. Thank you.”


Ensemble Guide: 

Your job is to bring each ensemble from their warm up room to the correct venue ON TIME! Make sure to get their set up diagram when they enter the warm-up room and drop it off to your site manager when you are taking the group before them to the venue. Site managers need the set-up sheets as early as possible. Tell the directors that after they perform they must return immediately to their case storage room to collect their belongings. They cannot leave anything in these rooms as they are only for groups to use while they are performing.  Remember festivals can be very stressful for directors and students. Be as friendly and nice as possible. If there is an issue, find Grant.


Sound Technician:

Your only job is to make sure each group gets a perfect audio recording on their CD. When you have finished their CD and have "finalized" it, place it in a sleeve to be picked up by a runner. You will have a schedule and might want to prelabel your blank discs. Make sure to write school, ensemble name, and time on each disc.


Case Storage:

Hang out outside your appointed room and make sure only groups headed to their warm-up or performance rooms use the case-storage room. You will also need to direct people to their correct warm-up room. Keep an eye out for theft and call festival headquarters if you have any issues or questions.


Judge Runner: 

After each group is finished, pick up their sheets from the judges’ table, get the CD from the sound table, and bring it all to the Performing Arts office. Each packet must include a score sheet from each judge and the performance CD. It may include musical scores or a sealed note to the director if the judges included one. If the packet is not complete, do not pick it up. It is better to have it late than have parts missing. If your judges are doing an audio commentary, pick up their recorder at the beginning of lunch and bring it back before their groups begin again.

Also, check in with each judge in your venue and bring them water, snacks, etc. 


Registration table: 

You provide all the info to the orchestra directors when they first arrive. You will have a stack of flyers (with schedule and sponsors) to give them. Also, make sure they have a set-up sheet to give to their Ensemble Guide. Direct them to the correct case storage and warm-up room, tell them that they can drop off their cases in the case storage room immediately before they perform then meet their Ensemble Guide outside their warm-up room, and mark them off your master schedule when they arrive.

After an ensemble performs, their performance packet will be delivered to you to be picked up by the directors. They will be available after the finals are over but special arrangements can be maid if groups are departing early. Contact the main festival office for help on this.


Stage Hand

Help groups get their performance venue set up correctly. Your site manager will give you a set-up sheet and direct you on how to accomplish set up as quickly as possible.



Hang out. Run around. Help. The Performing Arts Office is your home base.